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"What is going on"

This website is a tribute to collectible "Vintage Lost Vegas" history and the Greatest comedy ever, the Hangover.

  We built this site with quotes from the movie and our Vintage Lost Vegas collection. 

We want to show you Las Vegas collectibles that were once lost, are now found, with new Las Vegas casino collectibles added weekly. And just like the movie, we lose and forget things we wish we hadn't, here is your chance to buy a piece of Vintage Lost Vegas.

"Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except for herpes. That Shit`ll come back with you"

 Welcome to Vintage Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas History

"We met the proprietor Caesar Palache"

These Vintage Lost Vegas sterling silver dice were given to Meyer Lansky from Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel in Las Vegas.  

  • dice 1 - "To ML from BS" 
  • dice 2 - "12.26.46" 

These collectibles have a  C.O.A. from the Meyer  Lansky family

"You know, everyone says Mike Tyson is such a badass, but I think he`s kind of a sweetheart."

"We all do dumb shit when we`re fucked up" 

This is a dual signed & inscribed glove by Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. Inscribed by Mike with "Fuck yeah I bit his ear"  From Tristar Sports Collectiblesin Las Vegas and comes with PSA & Tristar C.O.A Holograms - Vintage Lost Vegas

"I always knew how to draw a crowd by jumping over weird stuff" Caesars Palace 12-26-1967

Evel Knievel`s parachute. This was manufactured by Deist Safety, Evel`s personal chute maker. They made the 2 Snake River chutes in 1974 and the 2 chutes for his dragster in 1975 thru 1977. This is one of the two dragster chutes. The other chute has never been found, this one came directly from Evel himself. It is embedded stamped and serial #ed by Deist Safety and comes with a C.O.A. from Deist Safety. Click below to see it.

Don`t touch it. Don`t even look at it. Go on, get out.

Misc. Odd Ball Vegas Items

Las Vegas collectibles come in many ways, this section is the Vintage Lost Vegas Odd Ball section. Find Rare items here.

Hard to find Vegas Chips

Buy Las Vegas Casino Chips from Vintage Lost Vegas. Today`s chip collectibles have seen a resurgent's in the hobby.

Vintage Las Vegas Newspapers

Vintage Lost Vegas Newspapers

Buy awesome Vintage Lost Vegas newspapers from 1920s to the 1980s, and enjoy collectibles that tell you the history of Las Vegas.

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